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Sum up Team up Thumbs up! - Loda Mid-year summary and blueprinting

From July 9 to 10, Loda Technology 2021 Mid-year summary meeting was successfully held in Country Garden Hot Spring Hotel. Chairman Long Zhang, President Chunjian Liu, senior management of each company and heads of each department gathered to review and plan for development.

At first, Loda Jinfeng,Loda automation,marketing center,innovation center, production, purchasing, quality, finance, engineering etc. They reported first half year’s work respectively. Through detailed data analysis and graphic main achievement, KPI, challenge were all presented, as well as second half year’s plan and target.

After each department summarized the work, Vice President Hanning Kang reported the planning and actual construction progress of Zhongkai Loda Industrial Park. The industrial park covers an area of 24,000 square meters, with a planned construction area of 62,000 square meters. The current phase of the project has been capped and started decoration. It is scheduled to be put into use by the end of this year. The overall project will be completed in May 2022. Zhongkai Loda Industrial Park project is a modern industrial park with office, production and livelihood. In the future, Loda Technology will step into a new development fast lane in this industrial park which will be completed soon. Facing the beautiful blueprint for the future, the participants are all encouraged and looking forward to the new home.

Subsequently, the company president Chunjian Liu proposed that the Loda Industrial Park will soon be put into use and our company should be fully prepared correspondingly. We must achieve the factory relocation and production stability of double guarantee. At the same time, we should strengthen cultural construction and establish a corporate culture in which everyone is the master.  He also emphasized that the first half year has come to an end and we should be fully prepared to embrace the arrival of new products and new orders, preparing for the next half year sprint.  

At the end of the meeting, chairman Long Zhang made a conclusive speech. He pointed out that the company should establish a corporate culture of "pursuing excellence" and resolutely implement the assessment policy of "rewarding good and punishing bad", so as to avoid the occurrence of bad money driving out good in the enterprise. It is especially emphasized that management at all levels of the company must have the responsibility of "bring happiness for employees and development for the company" to achieve "hope for employees, faith for the team and strength for the company". Zhang also recognized the company's revenue growth in the first half year. The chairman made a thorough analysis about challenges of the first half year, and put forward the corresponding guidance. He also said that" Solution always more than problem". He shared the "TPDCAR" (target – plan- do - check - action - review) work method and asked for everyone to cultivate "global vision" and "comprehensive solution" mind.

As for the second half year’s work plan, he proposed the next two strategies. Based on the corporate’s pyramid strategy, we should vigorously develop the domestic market and lay out upstream process appropriately to optimize the supply chain and cost.  In the end, Chairman Zhang thanked all the staff once again for their efforts and hoped to make persistent efforts to free our minds and embrace the change in the second half year. 

After the meeting, in order to encourage the staff's work motivation and improve team cooperation, cohesion, execution, competitiveness. Loda Technology organized an outdoor team building activity for the staff. It can release their work pressure and prepare better for the second half year. Build on the past and create brilliant future!